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All That Dance is celebrating 18 years!


Students are taught the proper technique and terminology in a FUN and ENCOURAGING environment.

Classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis ONLY and fill up quickly!

Students may start classes as young as 3 and continue as long as they wish. There are even classes for adults!

Registration for all classes takes place in August. Classes then begin in September continue through the school year until May with the recital following in June. (Only classes with room will be filled during September with no students registered after September 30th)

Online registration available August 1st each year.

If you’d like to dance with us, send us an email or leave a message with your name & mailing address so we can add you to our list!

What It Costs

NO Registration fees!

Each class meets once a week and tuition is due by the 15th of each month

$15 late fee applied to tuition not paid by the end of the current month

Classes are priced based upon their length

See Prices page for more info

Pay online!

Chance to perform!

Each class learns a routine during the year which they perform in the spring recital.

Costumes ($40-$65 each) are ordered in December and the students work from January to May on their dances.

The recital gives the students a great opportunity to showcase their talents & show off all they have learned throughout the year!

See the Recital page for more info

Class Divisions

(guideline only - subject to modification)

PRE --- those who are between the ages of 3 & 4 and/or are new to dance

K --- those who are enrolled in Kindergarten, as of the current school year (approx. ages 5-6)

1st-2nd --- those who are enrolled in 1st or 2nd grade as of the current school year 
(approx. ages 6-7) or beginner dance students

3rd-4th --- those who are enrolled in 3rd or 4th grade as of the current school year 
(approx. ages 8-10)

5th-7th --- those who are enrolled in 5th - 7th grade as of the current school year 
(approx. ages 10-14)

8th-10th --- those who are enrolled in 8th - 10th grade as of the current school year or who are maybe starting dance at an older age who are not ready for the advanced HS classes 
(approx. ages 13-16)

HS2 --- those who are enrolled in 11th or 12th grade as of the current school year and who are advanced dancers (approx. ages 16-19) 

HS+ --- those “in between” students, in between HS & Adult (approx. ages 18-25)

(not required to perform in the spring recital)

ADULT --- those who are out of school, looking for a recreational class

(also depends on the interests of those enrolled...possibility of performance in the recital)

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As of October 1st, 2019 our new location will be: 555 N. Kellogg St., Galesburg, IL 61401

**THIS MOVE DOES AFFECT OUR 2019-2020 SCHEDULE** Check HERE to see how!