*at least 50% of the fee is due at least a week prior to the party; the remaining 50% must be paid on or before the date of the party.

*refunds won't be given unless the party is cancelled more than 5 days ahead of time

*all parties must be requested and reserved at least 3 weeks in advance

*reservations should be directed to Lindsay,

*parties may only be scheduled on Saturdays after 2pm or Sundays after 5pm unless otherwise arranged

*absolutely no food or drink permitted (you may send home goodie bags if you choose but the studio doesn't have facilities available for cake, etc.)

*up to 12 guests can attend the party at a fee of $3 per additional guest

*there is no charge for the birthday boy or girl

*no street shoes will be permitted on the dance studio floor; the studio has a box of used shoes guests may borrow if needed

*adults get a break! With the execption of the birthday boy or girl's parents (who may want to make sure all guests have arrived), the grownups need not stay the duration of the party. Once all kids are there and accounted for, Miss Jessica and/or Miss Kyndal will take charge and keep them busy & safe! Of course, feel free to come back a few minutes early to snap some pics & watch the gift opening (with party option 2 or 3)

*all guests will picked up promptly

*this list, fees, etc. are subject to change at any time

*If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


price includes the following:

--up to 12 party guests (including the birthday boy or girl)

--dance games

--guests are taught a short dance to a song chosen by the birthday boy or girl

CELEBRATE your birthday at ATD!

Your party hosts:

Miss Jessica or

Miss Kyndal

Option 1: 1 hour

Option 2: 1.5 HOURS

Option 3: 2 HOURS

great for ages 4-15


price includes the following:

--everything from option 1 PLUS

--at least 15min for gift opening


price includes the following:

--everything from option 2 PLUS

--canvas drawstring dance bag each guest will get to decorate with fabric markers during the party and take home

Any reproduction of our studio name or logo without our written permission is strictly prohibited.