Friday, May 31, 2019


Galesburg High School Auditorium

**Download the recital packet HERE** (pdf document)

RECITAL DVDs by BILL MORRIS will be available to purchase for $25 each starting April 1st at the studio. Videos will be ordered after the show is over. You can pick up DVDs at ATD (most likely after July 13th).

  Specific dates & times on the Announcements page and our social media pages.


     Forms & money due to ATD by Saturday, May 18th, 2019! (Studio will be open from 8:30am - 12:00pm)

     Pictures will be taken professionally by Dickerson's Photography at the studio.

Rehearsal action shots will be available to purchase from Dickerson’s website.

     Class & individual pictures ordered will be available to pick up at ATD after July 13th. Specific dates & times on the Announcements page and our social media pages.


     The 2019 shirts will have the recital logo on the front and a list of all performers on the back. Keep in mind that although we do order extras, the best way to insure your child receives a shirt is to sign up and pre-pay at the studio by April 14th.  

(Cost remains the same as 2016) Adults $15, Youth $14.


     We'll be selling single carnations for $1.50 each and 5-stem variety bouquets for $6 each. Pre-orders for flowers must be in by May 3rd. We will also have flowers on hand for those who want to purchase on the night of the show. We know this is a perfect way to congratulate your dancer on a job well done!


     We will need several class MOMS as well as other helpers to help ensure this recital is as much of a success as all our other shows. Please sign up at the studio if you’re able to help! (Sign up sheet will be available after spring break & we have an online volunteer sign-up list as well!)

     We will also have volunteer spots available for those who are able to help sell tickets, t-shirts, bottled water and flowers at the show.

Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday, May 30th, 6:00pm @ GHS Auditorium


Friday, May 31st,

6:00pm @ GHS Auditorium

(doors open at 5:30pm)

Tickets on sale starting April 29th, 2019 at ATD

Adults: $7 each

Youth (ages 3-18): $5 each

Tickets available at the door on the night of the performance:

Adults: $8 each

Youth (ages 3-18): $6 each

2018 Dancer of the Year: Grace Armon

1. I'm Gonna Be

2. Recipe For Adventure

3. Almost There

4. Drive Faster

5. Take To The Sky

6. Into The Open Air

7. House Of The Rising Sun

8. Hasta La Vista

9. Born To Be Wild

10. Over, Under, Around, Through

11. Where You Are

12. The Road By Old Man Canyon

13. Islands

14. Middle Of Nowhere

15. You Can Fly

16. You Shall Go

17. Compass

18. Where Do You Go

19. The Cave

20. I Can Go Anywhere

21. Spirit Of Adventure

22. Road Less Traveled

23. Down The Road

24. Into The Wild

25. Gypsy Woman

26. Vienna

27. Miss Kyndal

28. Miss Jessica

29. Miss Lindsay

15 minunte intermission

30. Where Will You Go

31. Break Free

32. Tightrope

33. Pure Imagination

34. Flying Home

35. Shut Up & Drive

36. Drive Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

37. Call Me, Beep Me

38. Run Boy Run

39. Roller Coaster

40. Runaway

41. White Flag

42. Here We Go Again

43. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

44. My Way

45. Where Do You Think You're Going

46. Where Have You Been

47. Jungle

48. Wonderland

49. Skyrim

50. Cake By The Ocean

51. Wildside

52. Thunder

53. Alice (ATD Blue Heat)

54. I've Fallen Down

55. Lost Boy

56. Let's Go


4:00pm     You Shall Go

4:10pm     Recipe For Adventure

4:20pm     Into The Open Air

4:30pm     Where Do You Go

4:40pm     You Can Fly

4:50pm     Middle Of Nowhere

5:00pm     I Can Go Anywhere

5:10pm     Born To Be Wild

5:20pm     Vienna

5:30pm     Break Free

5:40pm     Drive Faster

5:50pm     Over, Under, Around, Through

6:00pm     Drive Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

6:10pm     Call Me, Beep Me

6:20pm     Take To The Sky

6:30pm     Where Have You Been

6:40pm     Down The Road

6:50pm     The Road By Old Man Canyon

7:00pm     House Of The Rising Sun

7:10pm     Skyrim

7:20pm     Where Will You Go

7:35pm     Islands

4:00pm     Here We Go Again

4:10pm     Wonderland

4:20pm     Into The Wild

4:30pm     Shut Up & Drive

4:40pm     The Cave

4:50pm     Compass

5:00pm     Wildside

5:10pm     Gypsy Woman

5:20pm     Where Do You Think You're Going

5:30pm     Hasta La Vista

5:40pm     Runaway

5:50pm     My Way

6:00pm     Everybody Wants To Rule The World

6:10pm     Run Boy Run

6:20pm     Almost There

6:30pm     Roller Coaster

6:40pm     Where You Are

6:50pm     Spirit Of Adventure

7:00pm     Jungle

7:10pm     Flying Home

7:20pm     Let's Go (Finale)

7:35pm     I'm Gonna Be (Opening)

7:45pm     Blue Heat (jackets/jeans)

Tuesday, May 28th

Wednesday, May 29th


ALL ballet & pointe classes: pink tights

ALL tap classes: suntan tights

ALL lyrical classes: suntan tights

ALL jazz classes: suntan tights

1-2 jazz on Tuesday will also need black fishnet tights over their suntan tights

ALL hip hop classes: suntan tights (boys: black socks)

Monday 5-7 hip hop (7:15) will also need black socks

BOYS: black socks

Any reproduction of our studio name or logo without our written permission is strictly prohibited.