ATD presents:

Friday, June 2, 2017


Galesburg High School Auditorium

RECITAL DVDs by BILL MORRIS will be available to purchase for $25 each starting after April 17th.

     Videos will be ordered after the show is over. You can pick up DVDs at ATD (most likely after July 12th).

     Specific dates & times on the Announcements page.


     Forms & money due to ATD by Saturday, May 20th, 2017! (Studio will be open from 8:30am - 1:00pm)

     Pictures will be taken professionally by Dickerson's Photography at the studio. Rehearsal action shots will be available to purchase from Dickerson’s website, under the “Events” link.

     Class & individual pictures ordered will be available to pick up at ATD after July 17th. Specific dates & times on the Announcements page.


     The 2017 shirts will have the recital logo on the front and a list of all performers on the back. Keep in mind that although we do order extras, the best way to insure your child receives a shirt is to sign up and pre-pay at the studio by April 8th. Shirts were ordered during spring break this year.

(Cost remains the same as 2016) Adults $15, Youth $14.


     We will need several class MOMS as well as other helpers to help ensure this recital is as much of a success as all our other shows. Please sign up at the studio if you’re able to help! (Sign up sheet will be available after spring break)

Dress Rehearsal:

Thursday, June 1st, 6:00pm @ GHS Auditorium


Friday, June 2nd,

6:00pm @ GHS Auditorium

(doors open at 5:30pm)

Tickets on sale starting May 1st, 2017 at ATD

Adults: $7 each

Youth (ages 3-18): $5 each

Tickets available at the door on the night of the performance:

Adults: $8 each

Youth (ages 3-18): $6 each





1.     Once Upon A Dream (OPENING)

2.     The Land Of Dreams

3.     Butterfly Fly Away

4.     Make It Shine

5.     Animal Talk

6.     Do You Believe In Magic

7.     We Have It All

8.     Heroes

9.     All I Do Is Dream Of You

10.     When I'm By Your Side

11.     Raining Sunshine

12.     What Dreams Are Made Of

13.     Mutiny

14.     Like Magic

15.     Everybody Sleeps

16.     Beyond My Wildest Dreams

17.     Dancing With A Wolf

18.     Scars

19.     Throwback Love

20.     Dance Myself To Sleep

21.     Old Souls

22.     Mr. Sandman

23.     Garden Of Dreams

24.     Aha!

25.     Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmares

26.     OLIVIA

27.     SARAH

28.     KAITY

29.     LINDSAY



30.     Moonlight And Madness

31.     Like A Lion (A. McGraw)

32.     Nightmare On My Street

33.     Immortals

34.     Flashback

35.     Dream

36.     Love Don't Die

37.     Let It Go (J. Decker)

38.     Tainted Love

39.     Late

40.     Dreamgirls

41.     Christofori's Dream

42.     The Call (S.Purlee & K.Hamman)

43.     It's Still Rock & Roll To Me (G. Spicher)

44.     Daydream

45.     Paint The Sky With Stars

46.     Ghastly Stomp

47.     Beautiful Dreams

48.     Surprise

49.     Keep Your Mind Wide Open

50.     Wall To Wall

51.     BLUE HEAT (Hanging Tree)

52.     Sweet Dreams

53.     Cubism Dream (A. Cermak)

54.     I've Got A Dream (FINALE)

ENCORE: Shim Sham Shimmy


(note: pictures will be taken at ATD by Dickerson's Photography)


4:00pm     Beyond My Wildest Dreams

4:10pm     The Land Of Dreams

4:20pm     Do You Believe In Magic

4:30pm     Nightmare On My Street

4:40pm     Everybody Sleeps

4:50pm     Immortals

5:00pm     Make It Shine

5:10pm     Mr. Sandman

5:20pm     Animal Talk

5:30pm     Garden Of Dreams

5:40pm     Heroes

5:50pm     What Dreams Are Made Of

6:00pm     Late

6:10pm     When I'm By Your Side

6:20pm     Sweet Dreams

6:30pm     Dance Myself To Sleep

6:40pm     Keep Your Mind Wide Open

6:50pm     Daydream

7:00pm     Dream

7:10pm     Moonlight And Madness

7:20pm     Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmares

7:30pm     Mutiny

7:45pm     Tainted Love


4:00pm     Ghastly Stomp

4:10pm     All I Do Is Dream Of You

4:20pm     Dreamgirls

4:30pm     Surprise

4:40pm     Beautiful Dreams

4:50pm     Old Souls

5:00pm     Paint The Sky With Stars

5:10pm     Raining Sunshine

5:20pm     Like Magic

5:30pm     Butterfly Fly Away

5:40pm     Flashback

5:50pm     Scars

6:00pm     Aha!

6:10pm     Dancing With A Wolf

6:20pm     We Have It All

6:30pm     Christofori's Dream

6:40pm     Love Don't Die

6:50pm     Wall To Wall

7:00pm     Throwback Love

7:10pm     I've Got A Dream (Finale)

7:25pm     Once Upon A Dream (Opening)

7:40pm     Blue Heat (jeans & jackets)

2017 Dancer of the Year: Jessica Decker