Saturday, June 4th

First show: 1:00pm

Second show: 6:00pm

Lombard Middle School Auditorium

capacity limit: 550

**Download the recital packet HERE** (pdf document) **TONS OF INFO,  PLEASE READ AND SAVE FOR REFERENCE!** subject to change

RECITAL DVDs by BILL MORRIS will be available to purchase for $25 each (or $35 for both shows). Videos will be ordered after the show is over. DVDs will be available to pick up at ATD (most likely after July 15th).

  Specific dates & times on the Announcements page and our social media pages.

SIGN UP AT THE STUDIO; payments payable to Bill Morris & must be paid at the studio

RECITAL PICTURES (scroll down for schedule)

     Forms & money due to ATD by Saturday, May 21st, 2022! (Studio will be open from 8:30am - 1:00pm)

     Pictures will be taken professionally by Dickerson's Photography at the studio.

     Class & individual pictures ordered will be available to pick up at ATD most likely after July 15th. Specific dates & times on the Announcements page and our social media pages.

**Hair may be done however you like for pictures but MUST be pulled up for rehearsals & shows


     The 2022 shirts will have the recital logo on the front and a list of all performers

on the back. Keep in mind that although we do order extras, the best way to

ensure your child receives a shirt is to sign up and pre-pay at the studio by April 15th.

(Cost remains the same as 2016) Adults $15, (adult 2XL & 3XL: $16), Youth $14.

SHIRTS WILL BE ORDERED APRIL 18th. If you didn't preorder one, you may

purchase one of the extras once they arrive. must be paid at the studio


     We'll be selling single carnations for $4 each and 5-stem variety bouquets for $7 each. Pre-orders for flowers must be in by May 13th. We will also have flowers on hand for those who want to purchase on the night of the show. We know this is a perfect way to congratuate your dancer on a job well done!


     We will need several "class moms" (or dads) to help line up kids to help ensure this recital is as much of a success as all our other shows. Please sign up HERE if you’re able to help!

     We need volunteers to help sit in the dressing room during the 1pm show and help keep an eye on dancers. We will have a projector playing a movie which we hope helps keep their attention when they're not lined up, performing or changing costumes. We want parents of those students to be able to watch the show and not worry about their child being unsupervised in the dressing room during the show. Please sign up HERE if you're able to help!

     We will also have volunteer spots available for those who are able to help distribute programs, sell tickets, t-shirts, bottled water and flowers at the show.

Dress Rehearsal for 1pm show:

Thursday, June 2nd, 6:00pm

@ Lombard Auditorium

Dress Rehearsal for 6pm show:

Friday, June 3rd, 6:00pm

@ Lombard Auditorium


Saturday, June 4th

1:00pm and 6:00pm

@ Lombard Auditorium


Tickets/wristbands on sale at ATD starting Tuesday, May 2nd.

Tickets/wristbands will be on sale starting May 2nd at the studio


We will be issuing wristbands in place of tickets that must be worn by attendees while at each show

Tickets/wristbands purchased for ONE show: $10 each

Tickets/wristbands purchased for BOTH shows: $15

Discounted price only applies if purchasing tickets/wristbands at the same time

1:00pm show (yellow), 6:00pm (red), both shows (orange)


Monday, May 23rd: Throwback (wear an old recital shirt)

Tuesday, May 24th: Uniquely you (wear something that represents you)

Wednesday, May 25th: Nothing matches (wear everything mismatched)

Thursday, May 26th: Eveningwear (wear either fancy clothes or pajamas)

Saturday, May 28th: Silly socks (wear some fun, even mismatched, socks)

Any reproduction of our studio name or logo without our written permission is strictly prohibited.


"Twenty-One Hit Wonders"

(our 21st year!)

1pm show will showcase preschool-4th grade & ATD Blue Heat

6pm show will showcase 5th grade-HS & ATD Blue Heat


In order to keep Memorial day free, we had to start earlier and shorten times in between pictures. PLEASE be on time for your pictures!

We will be using the lobby and dance room #2 for dressing rooms.

No street shoes allowed in the dance rooms.




--- 1:00pm ---

1.     I'll Be There For You

2.     Perfect Day

3.     Sunshine

4.     The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

5.     You've Got A Friend In Me

6.     Rockin' Robin

7.     Walking On Sunshine

8.     Mack The Knife

9.     Rotten To The Core

10.     Pink Shoelaces

11.     Black Roses

12.     Here Comes Summer

13.     Sea Of Love


15.     KYNDAL

16.     JESSICA

17.     LINDSAY


18.     Rainbow

19.     Say Something (KZ)

20.     Nothing Compares To You (EB&KB)

21.     How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

22.     Bom Bom

23.     Groove Is In The Heart

24.     All Night

25.     Breaking Free

26.     Perfect

27.     Hippy Hippy Shake

28.     If I Had A Heart (BLUE HEAT)

29.     Parade Of The Tin Soldiers

30.     Bad Day

31.     Double Dutch Bus

32.     I Love It

33.     Money, That's What I Want

34.     Wipeout


--- 6:00pm ---

**there are a LOT of fast changes in this show due to the smaller age range involved. We'll have a quick change area for you to use

1.     I'll Be There For You

2.     Bottom Of The River

3.     Autumn Leaves

4.     Mr. Saxobeat (CA&AD)

5.     Pink Panther

6.     Knock On Wood

7.     Theme From Mission Impossible

8.     Love Myself

9.     Safe & Sound

10.     Move Your Feet

11.     I Found

12.     It's Raining Men

13.     Sand(storm) (DC&AZ)

14.     Getting Over You

15.     Worth It

16.     Brokenhearted

17.     Sorcerer's Apprentice


19.     KYNDAL

20.     JESSICA

21.     LINDSAY

22.     If I Had A Heart (BLUE HEAT)


23.     Lady In Red

24.     Canned Heat

25.     I Follow Rivers

26.     Runaway (AS&JW)

27.     Superstar

28.     Mix

29.     Smooth

30.     Whine Up

31.     Somebody That I Used To Know

32.     Survive

33.     Zoot Suit Riot

34.     Knocking On Heaven's Door

35.     99 Red Balloons

36.     Replay

37.     Slip

38.     A Thousand Miles (JC)

39.     Hit 'Em Up Style

40.     Wipeout

Unless told otherwise:

all ballet & pointe students will wear pink tights

all tap & lyrical students will wear suntan tights

all jazz & hip hop students will wear suntan tights

**some classes have been told to wear specific tights

we sell tights at the studio; child tights (2-6) or (8-12) & adult s/m or l/xl

all tights are $20 each

2021 Dancer of the Year: Carlee Ashby